Helsinki Windsurfing Club ry

Since 1973

The oldest windsurfing club in Finland

Our home beach in the southern point of Lauttasaari has been the favourite windsurfing site for many windsurfers during the last thirty years.

The number of members is about 80 at this time.

The goal of the club is to enable windsurfing in Lauttasaari, by providing windsurfers with equipment storage facilities and surf company.

We will also try to organize club nights at the beach during the summer where we will have equipment and mentoring available for trying out windsurfing. We’ll also provide some barbeque food. Follow the facebook group for more information.

Currently we do not have rental equipment for club members and we do not organize beginners courses. However, we are interested in growing the sport in Helsinki, and the best way to find out a suitable way to get involved is to see us at the beach when the wind is blowing. At least Surfing ry and Twenty Knots organize beginners courses near Helsinki.